2019 Handmade Christmas Gifts Class

2019 Handmade Christmas Gifts Class

The Christmas Gifts Class is always a hit!  This is the perfect place for gifts for coworkers, book club friends, Bible study friends, teachers, and so on!  These have a personal handmade touch, without being too pricey, and you get choices!

In the Christmas Gifts Class you choose which items you want to make, and how many of them you want to make.  You just pay according to what you make!

Let’s check out the options for this year.  Be sure to read the description for each.

Decorated JarThese little jars are already turning out to be a hit!  I will work with you if you would like to decorate your jar with alternate colors.  You will need to fill the jar(s) with your own treats.  I think Hershey’s Hugs would be perfect!  Other ideas include wrapped candies, tea bags, little notes so the recipient can read one each day, quarters for a vending machine, and on and on!

The cost for this unfilled jar is $8.00.


Just Breathe sign

Who do you know that needs this little reminder?  This frame is approximately 5″ square in size making it perfect for a desktop.  Not an ocean person?  No problem!  We can switch out the palm tries for pine treas and make it a mountain scene!  Note: you are decorating the frame as well as stamping the image for the inside.

These cost $8.00 each as well.

And we have one more option!

Inspirational Quote

Signs with quotes and sayings are popular right now.  Add the Good Morning Magnolia to this sign and it is supper cute!  There are two color options: Seaside Spray (pictured) and Rococo Rose.   This is approximately 15″ x 10″ when hanging.  Please note: you are welcome to change the quote to whatever you like, as long as it will fit.  I personally like this one, but you are not stuck with it!!

The cost for these signs are $15.00 each.

Which of these have caught your fancy?  If at all possible, please go ahead and let me know which of these items (and how many) you want to make when you RSVP for the class.  I am happy to say I am already heading to the store to purchase more supplies because of demand, so I want to make sure I have enough for you!

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