A Couple New Stampin’ Up! Products

A Couple New Stampin’ Up! Products

Are you ready for a couple new items?  I bet you are!  Who could resist new stamps?!

Stampin' Up! March Best of 25 Promotion


With Stampin’ Up!’s 25th Anniversary, they are bringing back some old favorite stamps and putting them together in sets along with a newly created image.  This is the stamp set for the month of March!  This stamp set is available for the next year.  You can see the Best of 25 March flier by following the link provided.

You can also view the Best of 25 stamp sets that were released in January and February.  A new stamp set will be announced each month for the the rest of the year!


New Stampin' Up! Photopolymer stamps


We are trying out something new . . .  Photopolymer stamps!  This is totally new for Stampin’ Up!  Totally clear stamps!  How neat is that!  We’re starting with just one stamp set that has 57 images for only $13.95!  This stamp set is only available in the new photopolymer, item Number 132956, and can be purchased at Shop.StampThat.com.  If these new clear stamps are well liked, I’m sure we will see many more sets in the future.  You can see the images of the complete Stampin’ Up! Photopolymer stamp set by following the link.

I hope you like the new goodies.  We’re getting all kinds of new goodies from Stampin’ Up! this year with their 25th anniversary!

Have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. How does the “photopolymer stamps” work? Wouldn’t it be great if your Mom made some of the “On the Go Bags” and have an insert or blank space on the front, for a persons name or initials? Do you ever get a request for name tags for people to wear at parties or meetings? I think that would be great, then the new members in class would be able to call others by their name without asking. The name tag could be put in plastic, like the children have to wear around their neck. I know it makes it easier for me to glance at a name tag for person’s name. Maybe even a small picture could be added. I think I will make one for Jacob, my 3 year old grandson, and maybe even add a finger print. Just a thought Becky. Maybe you could share the idea with your “Stampin’ Up Classes” and see what kind of response you would get. Becky, you are such a gifted person and you share all of your ideas with everyone and I am thankful as all other.

  2. Finally!!!! It is sooooo much easier to layer images when you can see what they are and where they are. Glad to see that Stampin’ Up is finally getting competitive!!

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