A Cute Watermelon Basket

watermelon basketHere’s a cute summer basket for you!  Watermelon is always so refreshing in the heat of summer and receiving this cute little bag with some goodies in it would be just as refreshing and exciting.  I was very excited to introduce this projects to the ladies at the Boxes & Bags class.

When I first saw this project shared by Elizabeth Hurst a few weeks ago and knew right away we’d be making it in the Boxes & Bags class.  It’s just so cute!  The part I was most amazed by was the watermelon seeds.  How do you think they were made??  The little heart on the Stampin’ Up!  Heart to Heart die.  Simply punch out the heart and then cut it in half and you have a seed!  Knowing myself the way I do, I would have sat there and hand cut every seed if Elizabeth hadn’t shared the idea.

I hope you’re enjoying the boxes and bags I’ve been sharing!  I’m excited to plan another similar class sometime this fall or early in the new year.  There are so many cute things to show you!  Does anyone have any extra time in a day to lend to me so I can make more projects??

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