A little Peek into the Future

A little Peek into the Future

Project made with Stampin' Up! Fabric

I am very excited about this little sneak peek!  Do you recognize this fabric?  It’s Stampin’ Up! fabric!  I created a little something with the fabric for an upcoming class . . .  I can’t wait!  My mom is working to create more of these mystery projects (she sews MUCH better than I do, I find sewing very frustrating!)  I can’t wait to share them with you when the time comes!!!  Stay tuned!

(Don’t you just love posts like this?!)  Hee Hee!


  1. “A Little peek into the future” is calling everyone to sit down and peek out of the window. What a team you and your Mom make Becky, Now I see where you get your imagination from!!LOL Great job you two and thanks for sharing. This brought back some childhood memories!!

  2. Well I’m curious now. I really liked this fabric.

  3. I am completely curious too…..but clueless!! Can’t wait to see what this is!

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