A New Look for My Scrapbook

Kind Thoughts FlourishI’ve heard some people comment on how plain the Stampin’ Up! scrapbooks are.  I’d like to offer another train of thought, just think how much you can do with a plain scrapbook!  I have seen Stampin’ Up! scrapbooks that have been decorated so they look more lovely than any scrapbooks I’ve seen in the store.

Today I decided to try doing a Stampin' Up! Scrapbooklittle something to my 12×12 post linen scrapbook.  I think I’ll probably do some other things too but that’ll have to be another day.  Today I used the Kind Thought Flourish Stencil from out of the current Decor Elements Brochure.  One of my upline members, Jan, gave this to me for a prize a while back and I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first.  We rent so Post Bound Scrapbookthe walls were out of the question but once I started thinking outside the box . . .

To get this look, I first positioned the stencil and applied Chocolate Chip Craft Ink with a sponge.   Once I was done with the stenciling, I lightly rubbed the Chocolate Chip Craft Ink Craft Ink Stencilingall around the cover to give it a bit of an older look.  I used the heat tool to speed up the drying process and then prepared for the next step.  Once again I put down the stencil but I went slightly up and to the left this time so the Chocolate Chip would appear as a shadow.  For the second round of stenciling I used Brocade Blue Craft Ink.  I like the look!

I haven’t decided yet what other things I’m going to do to the cover but I’ll share with you once I get it done.  I must say there is something exciting about knowing you’ve decorated not only all the pages but also the book itself!

While I’m talking about Scrapbooks, I’m going to put in a little about my preference in scrapbooks.  I personally like Post Bound scrapbooks.  I like how the post bound books hide the connections and 2-page layouts end up with the pages right beside each other instead of a gap in between.  I like to make my pages flow together and seeing a gap just doesn’t help!  So there’s my little take on it, everyone is different of course but I hope you’ll find this information helpful.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. How cool! I just bought this stencil and I will have to try this tech, you are very creative in deed!!!

  2. Amazing! You did a fantastic job! It looks like it is raised!

  3. Becky, that is too cool. Great job.

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