Another Lilypad Lake Card

Another Lilypad Lake Card

I have another Lilypad Lake card to share with you.  I hope you’re not getting tired of this set.  I fee like I’m just getting started with it!

Check out the vibrant colors on this card.I wish I could say this was my original idea, but I’m afraid it is just my version of another card I saw.  Isn’t it lovely?  It’s so pretty and peaceful.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and visit today.  I hope you are ready to have a great weekend!


  1. Your “Another Lilypad Lake Card ” is very well done in the vibrant colors that you used. I am not tired of seeing the selection that you have been sharing with us, it just makes me want to pack a picnic lunch and spend the day relaxing and watching the wildlife. Picnic’s are always fun and relaxing. I hope you and your Family have a great weekend together.

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