Another Sneak Peek at Boxes & Bags

Sizzex Flower, Daisies #2Here’s one more sneak peek for the Boxes & Bags class tomorrow.  We’re going to be making this special little bag.  After the class is over I’ll most likely share some pictures of the finished projects for you.  It’s so much better if you can make it to the class for the real thing though!

Have you had a chance to stamp or create lately?  It’s amazing just how therapeutic it can be!  Oh, and receiving and hand stamped card, it’s just so special!  With the passing of my grandfather I received several cards this past week, all of them handstamped actually.  They mean so much.  Thank you to each of you who sent me a card.  I hope we’ll ehac take the time to send out at least one handstamped card this week to someone, it’ll brighten their day!


  1. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the bags/boxes. Hope you have a restful and creative weekend!

  2. Your family is in my prayers. Hope everyone gets well soon!
    Thanks for the inspiration to send at least one hand stamped card per week. I have been moved. It is theraputic to make it, it feels great to send it, and the person receiving it is lifted up by your love. Thanks for your encouragement. You make a positive difference in peoples lives. Thank God for you!

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