Because I Care & Flower Fancy Handmade Box

Flower Fancy stamp set

I hope you’re not tired of seeing handmade boxes yet!  With two box classes it’s kind of hard not to show off the beautiful handmade boxes we’re making!  I promise I will get back to hand stamped cards and scrapbook pages one of these days soon!

Because I Care stamp set

I used the Flower Fancy and Because I Care Stampin’ Up! stamp sets to decorate the box.  For some reason I don’t pull out the Flower Fancy set very often but I think it looks perfect on this box!  I think this particular flower is probably the one that convinced me to get the set in the first place.

Back view

Here’s a view of the back of the box, it’s much like the front but it didn’t seem like I should leave it looking plain.

Opened box

And one last picture, here it is opened.  I’m told this will fit Ghiradelli chocolate squares perfectly but I haven’t tried.  I think there are a bunch of different little things that would fit nicely in here for a gift.  It could be chocolates, a piece of jewelry, or probably even a gift card.

I did not come up with the pattern for this box myself.  I found the simple pattern saved in my files.  According to the pattern, it was shared by someone named Jen del Muro.  Thank you Jen for sharing your pattern!

This box is another of those being made in the Boxes & Bags class.  If I have peeked your interest in this class, perhaps you would like me to bring it to you.  I am more than willing to travel with my stamping classes!  Contact me with some dates and times you have available and we’ll start the ball rolling for your class with your friends!


  1. Your work is beautiful.


  2. This is beautiful!

  3. You could post a new box every day and I would be happy. 🙂 This one is just as pretty as the others. Thanks!

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