Big Shot Special From Me!

Stampin' Up! Big ShotI’m very excited to announce this special exclusively through me!  I am trying to reach a certain milestone in sales by the end of the month so I’m offering this to help all of us out!  Check out all of the details below and you just might find you can’t resist!

I’m going to list out the details in bullet form to try to make it the easiest to understand.  If you have any questions though, just ask away!  I’ll be more than happy to answer.

  • When: Wednesday, June 17 – Saturday, June 27, 2009
  • You purchase: the Big Shot starter kit for $195.95 (or $259.95 if you want the kit with the carry bag) plus another $14.00 (or more) from the Stampin’ Up! catalog.  (Prices given do not include shipping/tax)
  • You will receive FREE from me:  (2) $19.95 dies for free*! (*You only pay shipping/tax)
  • You will receive FREE from Stampin’ Up!:  (1) level 1 stamp set plus $45.00 worth of free merchandise from the Catalog – whatever you choose!  (please note:  normally, it would be $25.00 worth of free merchandise, but Stampin’ Up! is offering extra hostess benefits this month!!!!)  Also, the benefits are even higher if you purchase the kit with the carry bag.  ***I must be the one to place the order if you want to receive all of these benefits.  If you place the order through my website you will not be able to get the free dies from me, and, therefore, you will not receive as many hostess benefits from Stampin’ Up!

So, to sum that up, by purchasing the Big Shot in the next 1 1/2 weeks you’re going to get more than $85.00 worth of merchandise for free!!!    I can’t think of a better time to make the purchase!

You know, I have heard of some people going together to purchase Big Shots.  I’m certainly not going to be the person to figure out how that works but I will put it out there for you to think about.  It just might work for you!

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