Bob Jones University Tour

Bob Jones University Tour

We took our boys to our alma mater last summer for a visit and a tour.  Micah was there for a visit as a baby, but of course he doesn’t remember that.It was fun to tour the campus to see the changes that have taken place and relive some memories.  I was there on campus for four years while my husband was there for eight years.  That’s where we met.  We have lots of memories! We were married three weeks after I graduated.

I always went home for the summer so it was strange to see the campus so quite, but it made for great pictures!

This is one of our pages for Scrap Club this month.  This layout will work well for many outdoors pictures, but it is certainly not limited to that!

I look forward to sharing these layouts in Scrap Club this month!


  1. It is so wonderful that you have such vivid memories of “Bob Jones University Tour ” and to take your sons and hoping one day they will attend the University also. They do grow up so fast and I want you and Andrew to know how handsome your sons are as they grow into young men, but in your hearts they will always be your little boys and how proud of them you are. I am also thankful that you and Andrew share your family photos and stories with so many. It’s almost beginning to sound like Thanksgiving here. All in all Becky, thank you for a job well done. ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : me

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