Chocolate Stampin’ Up! Tree

Chocolate Stampin’ Up! Tree

I have another Silent Auction goody to share with you today!  It’s not another frame (still working on that . . . ), this time it’s something I made specifically to be bid on.  I saw the idea on Pinterest, and then gave it a slight Stampin’ Up! twist!  Can you already tell it’s going to be good by the picture above?!Stampin' Up! TreeYummy!!  Yeah, I’m liable to be bidding on this myself!  I saw the idea of making the tree out of chocolates on Pinterest, but then I decided to add some retired Stampin’ Up! ribbons (the bow on top is not Stampin’ Up, I needed a wired ribbon for that) and some Stampin’ Up! Large Rhinestones.

Stampin' Up! Ribbon

The ribbons  help fill in some gaps and add a little extra texture and dimension to the overall look.  It’s so pretty  . . . and tasty!

Have I mentioned that Stampin’ Up! donated approximately $200 worth of product to be auctioned off at this event?  Don’t you want a chance to bid on this tree and win the frame I showed you yesterday?  You can!  There are still a few tickets available!

Silent Auction

If you’re interested in joining us for the event, contact me today to order your ticket!

Okay, back to decorating those Door Prize frames . . . . let’s see what I can come up with!

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