Christmas Cookies by Jaan & Ethan

Christmas Cookies by Jaan & Ethan

Believe it or not, after making all those cookies on Christmas Cookie Day . . . we still ended up making more!  Last Wednesday evening Ethan, Jaan, and Mom went to work on our own Cookie Day.  All my boys are great helpers in the kitchen!Cookie Baking Scrapbook Layout

We needed to make cookies for a Caroling event and we wanted to try out something we didn’t get to for the first Cookie Day.

Penguin Cookies

We cheated a little on the penguin cookies, we didn’t bake them.  They are Nutter Butter cookies dipped in chocolate and then the boys decorated them.  They turned out quite cute!

Christmas Tree Cookies

We did make the Christmas Tree cookies from scratch though, using the cookie press and then liberally decorating them with sprinkles.  The boys even did most of the picture taking!  (Maybe I should have had them make the scrapbook page too – what was I thinking?)

This is our final layout for Scrap Club which will be meeting on Monday, December 19.  I look forward to seeing club some of you then!


  1. Thank you for sharing” Christmas Cookies by Jaan & Ethan “, it sure looks like they are getting to be Pro’s at cooking making. The photo’s are just great too. Thank you all for sharing your fun time together and Merry Christmas to everyone.

  2. I don’t se Micah, so I assume he is taking pictures. 🙂

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