Christmas Ornament on the Holiday Catalog

Christmas Ornament on the Holiday Catalog

We’ve all said oohh and awww over the ornament on the front of the Holiday Catalog haven’t we?  I’ve had a bunch of people ask me if we’re going to make one in class.  Of course!  I finally sat down and made mine.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t the greatest when I took my picture but you get the idea.  I am doing a private class on this ornament and a couple other small ornaments for Joyce and friends in September and then I will be holding this as a class open to everyone on my October schedule (to be released in the next couple weeks.)

I’ll have to try to take a better picture for you when I’m ready to post all the class details.

Tonight is our first Christmas Card Class!  I’m excited to get off to a great start with a nearly full class!


  1. I think this is beautiful! 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous!!!

  3. Really pretty! See you tonight and our granddaughter Megan will be with me!!!! Yeah! She lands in one hour! Think I’m excited?????

  4. YIPEE!

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