Christmas Tree Scrapbook Pages

Christmas Tree Scrapbook Pages

I printed the Christmas pictures and it’s time to get them documented, just in time for Scrap Club on Monday!Christmas scrapbook pagesThis is a pretty simple layout, although the tree takes some work to build.  I think it’s perfect for Christmas pictures!

Scrapbooking in New Freedom, PA

These are my boys, all ready for their school Christmas Musical.  They look so handsome!


I’m a bit perturbed that the picture printing company cut of their heads and shoulders in the pictures . . . if you look at my originals, I didn’t do that.  I need to contact them about it.  In the meantime, the pictures needed to be scrapbooked, perfect or not.

Thank you for coming by to visit today!  I hope to see a number of you on Monday!


  1. One of my favorite share’s here is the scrapbooking. I see what you mean about cutting parts of those handsome young men in the “Christmas Tree Scrapbook Pages”, I too would contact the company. As my husband would say “I ‘m to fussy”, but when it comes to the remembrance photo’s, you want them perfect as I would, after all, when the moment is gone, you can’t re-capture it. Right? Thank you for sharing these special moments in your life, and I will be sure to share them with someone else who is very close to them. Have a great day Becky, Andrew, Micah, Jann and Ethan, the shy one. Oh, I love the way you have the tree displayed, it would make a card by itself, just add a couple of “Buttons” and “Bakers Twine”.

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