Creating with the Wetlands Stamp Set

Creating with the Wetlands Stamp Set

I thought I’d do something today that I haven’t done in a long time.  I’m taking you into the Studio with me.  I thought you might enjoying seeing a little bit of my creating time yesterday.  The pictures I’m sharing today aren’t cropped, they aren’t altered in any way other than to decrease their size to fit the screen.

Wetlands Goose stampSometimes when we’re creating in class some of you say it is encouraging to see me make mistakes or have little problems, it helps you feel like you’re not the only one.  Well, I thought you might like to see the problems I had yesterday. . . .

I was cutting out this goose from the Wetlands Stamp set for on a card I was making in preparation for Tech Club . . .

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator creating

. . . when I suddenly looked down and there was a big water mark in the bottom left corner of my card I was working on.  Yikes!  I had already accidentally stamped one of the plants in Basic Black ink (lower right corner) and made a smudge above the plants on the right . . .

The first two things I thought I could pull off and be okay, but the water mark, that’s pretty bad!  I grabbed up another piece of paper and started over again from the very beginning.  I got to the same point as with this card, minus the problem areas, however I just wasn’t as happy with the sky, it looked a bit stormy and darker than I wanted ( a result of my frustration??).  So, what to do??

Stampin' up! Wetlands stamp set

I went back to the original.  I put my goose where he was originally supposed to go . . . and then decided maybe he needed a friend, one who could cover up that water mark!  So, I got to work stamping and cutting out another goose!

Now, I still had that black plant, which I could live with, but the smudge was bothering me . . . that smudge just about the same size as the gooses head . . . .

creating with Becky Jensen

Yep, another goose!  I originally planned to have just one goose on my card . . . but three works too!  Sometimes when you’re stamping you just have to go with it . . .

stamping with Stampin' up! Demo Becky Jensen

Here’s the finished card!  Believe it or not, I never did finish the second card I started that had the sky I wasn’t quite as pleased with . . . it just wasn’t the one that was supposed to be!

So, now you have a little peak at what it’s like here in the StampThat Studio when you aren’t around.  I’m slightly crazy and a little anal . . . and I’ll work at it until I’m happy with it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the everyday life here at StampThat!


  1. You are right Becky, sometimes in using water colors, smudges happen. Some would just throw it away, but you, like a real creator, worked with what you had and came up with a vision of beauty. Thanks for inviting us into your Studio and sharing the story of “Creating with the Wetlands Stamp Set. Have a good day.

  2. Would make a nice Father’s Day card.

  3. I’m so glad you shared this, it will help all of us! Very nice card, I love this set.

  4. Your cards are so beautiful.! I love when you share with us how to make them

  5. That is what I love about stamping, it is forgiving and easy to correct or cover up mistakes and come out with a great card like yours!

  6. I love this card! You make cards look like a piece of art How did you make such a beautiful sky? I dislike fussy cutting…do you have a secret?

  7. Thanks for your honesty! I never seem to have enough room to prevent something from happening, be it smudges or water drops! My last card, which was a rush job, I just gave up and heat emobsssed the images and used SU markers! But I love it when I can make it work! I love this stamp set and your card and will add it to my attempt list! And I think the three geese look like old friends! 😊

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