Cuties On Vacation Scrapbook Pages

Cuties On Vacation Scrapbook Pages

We had some cuties staying with us for a few days while we were on vacation this year.  They warrant scrapbook pages all of their own!Look, do you see all that pink?!  I actually had these pictures adhered onto another page when I suddenly realized I could be using pink for a rare change!  I decided to take them off the other page and make a special pink page just for these pictures.

Pink, flowers, and butterflies all on the same page.  That’s rare in my scrapbook!

We will be making this layout (as well as the one below) for Scrap Club this month.  I know there are others who attend Scrap Club who are like me and do not have girls.  Some ideas for using this page include pictures of flowers/gardens, special occasions, wedding, mother’s day, butterfly garden, or a tea party with friends.

I’ll also show you the other scrapbook layout that these pictures were originally on.  I found the layout much better suited for little boy pictures!

Yes, tinkertoy and boy . . . much better for this layout.

This layout includes colors that would allow for outdoors pictures or even many indoor pictures, it works well with just about anything.  As a little bonus, the other side of the DSP we’re using has a birthday theme to it so you could easily use this for pictures from a birthday!

Thank you for coming by to visit today.  I look forward to seeing some of you next week for Scrapbooking!

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