Decorating my Storage Jars

On Board Lovely Letters ChipboardI picked this jar, and one just like it, up at a yard sale this past weekend.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve been excited to find some fun looking jars lately.  I decided to take this jar and use it to store small stamps I’m planning to give away as prizes.

I used some Double-Stitched Chocolate Chip Grosgrain Ribbon and On Board Lots of Letters Chipboard.  I designed this jar to match two others I have had for a while, perhaps you’ve seen them before.  For those of you who havent’ seen them though, I’ll share a picture.

Stampin' Up! Chipboard and RibbonI hope have a few other jars I’ve acquired lately so I look forward to turning them into beautiful storage as well.  I certainly wouldn’t say my house is organized or that the little organization I do have is very pretty, but I’m working on it!  Stay tuned for more Stampin’ Decor as I get it done!


  1. That’s a neat way to reuse those jars. They look beautiful!

  2. Great idea, Becky! We’ve just started switching from sour cream and yogurt containers to pretty-shaped glass condiment jars for beads and other small craft materials. This would be a great way to “pretty them up” for tidy storing on open shelving in the studio!

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