Decorative Accents . . . Elegant or Funny?

I bought the Decorative Accents Big Shot die because it fit into the swirly/elegant style that I tend to like.  I in visioned elegant scrapbook pages using the Rich Regals colors and elegant pictures.

This afternoon I cut the accent out of brushed gold cardstock and sat down to come up with a lovely, elegant page.  As I sat there messing with the different positions I could place the accent, I ran into a little problem.  Almost every way I turned it, all I could picture in my mind were funny faces.  The whole elegant look just wasn’t coming. 

I had to get the funny faces out of my system (in hopes of being able to use it for elegant pages after that!)  With the help of Stampin’ Up!s exclusive Tulipe die, I was able to complete the faces and here’s what came of it.  There are always those times when the kids see the camera and feel the need to “ham it up”.  I must admit I often skip over printing those pictures but did have a few on hand. 

decorative accent funny facesThis is not my “normal” sort of page.  I seldom go for the Bold Brights cardstock (and I think this is the first time I’ve ever used Tangerine Tango on a project) or silly sort of designs.  Why?  I’m not sure!  I even debated whether or not to share this with you but obviously I decided to.

After I got those silly faces out of my system, I was able to sit down and come up with a page that was a little more like I originally in visioned.  There are plenty more pages I hope to make with it but at least I was able to get those faces out so now I can concentrate!

Micah 2007In case you wonder about the gold border, no, I wasn’t trying to make it straight.  I just wasn’t trying to make it quite so crooked either!  I tore a piece of scrap paper and laid it over the Bravo Burgundy cardstock.  I was hoping it would give a bit of a wavy effect but now that I see the pages in a picture, I’m not sure it really turned out that way.  Overall though, the layout is doable and I hope it will be an inspiration to you!

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Please don’t forget, there is a PMS (Pizza, Music and Stamping) night here at my house this Friday 6:30-9:30.  An RSVP is not mandatory but would be very helpful.  I want to make sure I have enough pizza and soda for all of you!  The cost is $5.  Bring your own projects to work on but you’re welcome to use my stamps, inks and punches.

Happy stamping!


  1. I LOVE the funny faces you created….there is always humor to be found, even in elegance! And especially with children around!

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