Did I make it in time for Christmas?

2-page Christmas Scrapbook LayoutThis is my little guy that just had to make sure he was born in time for Christmas.  Ethan was technically due January 1 but he had to make sure he came on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas morning in the hospital the nurse took him out of my room and brought him back in this cute Christmas stocking.

Christmas tree made of ribbonI used Bravo Burgundy, Old  Olive and Whisper White.  The Christmas tree is made of pieces of ribbon with a piece of chipboard embossed in silver for the star at the top of the tree.  There is another piece of embossed chipboard hanging on the right as an ornament.  The Love and Joy were cut out using the Big Shot.

Brushed Silver CardstockHave you ever thought me to be a bit crazy?  I’m going to prove it to you.  See all those little silver dots around the entire page and also on the white scallop?  Would you believe I sat and punched every single dot out of Brushed Silver cardstock and then adhered each and every one.  Crazy??

The Scrap Club is going to be making this layout this month for Christmas in July.  Of course making the little silver dots will be totally up to each club member.  I look forward to seeing if anyone is willing to be labled as “crazy” with me.


  1. I already know I’m crazy, so bring on the ‘dots’!! 🙂

  2. Ethan is so beautiful!
    Wendi was born on the 20th; she was brought home in a stocking also.
    Ask her about it.

  3. Love it, Becky! What a perfect little Christmas present!

  4. Instead of cutting and adhering the dots, why don’t you punch the holes out of the red cardstock and back it with the silver? You don’t even have to use a full sheet of silver – just strips where the holes are. Much less time consuming and you will use less adhesive too. Great blog!

  5. Thank you Julie. I did consider that, however, I wanted the silver dots popping up and this way did take a lot less of the Brushed Silver Cardstock. I know I’m crazy . . . but I don’t mind. 🙂

  6. For the dots, could you emboss them, some kind of silver, to have them pop but be less labor-intensive?

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