Dolphin Watch Scrapbook Layout

Dolphin Watch Scrapbook Layout

This is the third Scrapbook Layout we will be making in Scrap Club this coming Monday, April 18.

2-page Scrapbook Layout

There is quite a story behind these pictures, let’s just say that boat ride was one very eventful trip.  When my husband saw this layout he said, “you actually got pictures on that trip?”


Of course I got pictures . . . that may be half the reason I left the boat so miserably!

Scrapbooking Club

I look forward to seeing some of you in class on Monday!


  1. Thank you for sharing “Dolphin Watch Scrapbook Layout”. You did a great job getting the pictures for this Becky and I just love the colors, you can almost smell the freshness of the water. Have a great day.

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