Don’t Forget – Catalog Reminders

I want to take today to remind you about a couple things.

First, don’t forget about all the retiring products!  Some have sold out, but there are still a lot available.  I encourage you to look at them online so you can visualize what is going and make sure you’re not missing out on anything!

Second, our New Catalog Party is right around the corner!  Be sure to make your plans to attend and RSVP so I can have new goodies ready for you to play with.

New Catalog Party

It’s time for a new catalog! Let’s play with some new product, snack, and check out that new catalog!

When: Thursday, June 1, 6:30 P.M.
Where: StampThat, New Freedom, PA
Cost: Free!
RSVP: by May 30
What to bring: Sticky Strip, Snail, and a snack to share

And finally, that New Catalog Party means we’re getting a new catalog!  Yay!  If you’re not going to make it to the party, be sure to check in with me to get your new catalog.  There are great new goodies in there!  The new catalog goes into effect on June 1.


  1. Thank you for bringing up the subject of ” Catalog Reminders”. I would like to have a catalog, it is much easier for me to look at a book than my computer, especially in the Summer as you know it get quite hot here in the summer and I don’t have air conditioning in my room. Please let me know how much it costs and I will send you a check. Thank you for all of your hard dedicated work. I am sure everyone will agree with me, you put 110% all year long and I along with everybody appreciates all that you do. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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