Eat Chocolate Recycled Storage

Eat Chocolate satmp set

I have been saving a couple of these fun clear containers knowing they have to be good for something . . . (Can you tell what kind of container I recycled?)  Yesterday I had a few minutes to sit down with the new Eat Chocolate stamp set and I decided to use them together.

No, this chocolate is NOT for me to eat!  This is the chocolate I’ve stocked up on to replenish the supply at your stamping tables in the classroom.  Do you think there’s enough to last for a little while?

Vanilla Hodgepodge Hardware

Here’s a close up of the label.  It’s not perfect but it will do.  I didn’t have a lot of time but I figure the chocolate inside will be the main focus anyway.

It may be hard to read what is stamped inside the Hodgepodge Hardware.  It says, “All you need in life is a friend who has chocolate.  . . . I’m that friend.”

We will be using this stamp set for our Chocolate Party in February.  No, we will not be making this big jar of chocolate (I know what you’re thinking) but we’ll definitely have plenty of chocolate at our party!

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  1. After seeing this creation, I will definately be looking closer at this stamp set as well as the offered class! Very nice! 🙂

  2. Nope cannot figure out what the bottle was originally used for. Looking forward to the class!

  3. Looks like an OJ container???
    Great project!

  4. Any bottle that contains chocolate has to be a good one! I like the way you embellished this – it looks very handsome – and holds lots of chocolate!

  5. What a wonderful way to recycle…and our new “green” stamp would fit right in! Thanks for sharing, Lynn! Now I have an idea for those six-sided glass jars I’ve been saving.

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