Elegant Notes & Masterpiece Ribbon Originals

Elegant Notes Candle HolderI used the Elegant Notes from page 168 of the Idea Book & Catalog as well as the Masterpiece Ribbon Originals to create this candle holder.  It is very easy to make and looks really neat when there is a tealight candle inside.

Now I’m going to put in a little warning, as with any candle, you need to be very careful with the flame, especially inside this cardstock box!

Stampin' Up! Masterpiece Ribbon OriginalsStampin' Up! Elegant NotesDo you see the neat shape the light is casting behind the handle holder?  Isn’t that pretty cool?

Come back tomorrow to see more ways to use these same supplies and a kit I’m going to offer!


  1. really neat idea!

  2. Georgie emailed me and suggested using the little battery powered tea lights they have now. Those would be great! I might have to pick up a couple of those. With three little guys in my house I have to be VERY careful with candles! Thanks Georgie!

  3. I love the shadow that it creates on the wall. In response to Georgie’s idea – I think some of those battery powered tea-lights even flicker like a real candle. 🙂 Great idea!!

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