Extreme Surfboard Masculine Cards

Extreme Surfboard stamp

I thought I’d share with you one of the cards we will be making tonight at the Guy Cards Class at the Mason-Dixon Library in Stewartstown, PA.  I am very much looking forward to this class!  I think this card will be great for teen guys and “teen at heart” guys!  The black sets off the Brilliant Blue and Bermuda Bay colors in a very striking way. I normally don’t go for either of these colors (I’m just not a very bright person) but I wanted to pull out colors that are retiring and these are the two I found to work great for this card.

Lest you think I always get cards “just right” on the first attempt.  I’ll show you my first try.

Embrace Life stamp set

This is a card I came up with a week and a half ago.  As my husband said when I showed it to him, “it’s not your style.”  He hit it right on the head.  I figured if I was in a pinch I could do it but It wasn’t really the quality look I wanted to share with my class.

So, I sat down yesterday (yes, cutting it close for class tonight . . . ) and came up with the card I showed you first.  I stuck with the same colors and same stamp sets but I think the difference is pretty dramatic.  I go the “yes” from my hubby and it’s a go!  (No, I don’t always ask him but if I’m hesitant about a card he’s good about telling me his thoughts – usually either “looks good” or “not your style.”  That’s what I need to hear!

What do you think?  Do you agree with us or would have you chosen the first attempt?  I’m curious to see your comments.  Not everyone’s opinions are the same as mine (can you believe it???) and I’d love to see where the majority leans!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I agree with you and your husband. I love that second card better. It looks simple but sometimes you just need simple. Besides it is a guy card and they will look at it for a few minutes and put it down and not look at it again. At least from my experience. Good job!

  2. Actually, I rather like the first one, though surfing stuff isn’t my style, either.

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