Frappuccino bottles and stamping

Starbucks Frappuccino BottlesDo you drink Starbucks Frappuccinos like those pictured here?  I am looking for some of these bottles and cartons so I can show you a really neat idea.  If you live near Stewartstown, PA and would be willing to give me some of these empty bottles/cartons please contact me.  You’ll be happy you did!  (I don’t drink coffee or anything with a hint of coffee taste so that might explain why I’m looking for someone who drinks these.)

I am in the process of getting a class planned that will show you how to recycle items in your home to make gifts and cute decorative items in your own home.  You might be amazed at the fun stamped 3D projects you can create!  My calendar for February is looking pretty busy at this point so I am planning to have the class in either March or early April.  Becuase of this class, you may find me making some funny requests for things like Frappuccino bottles.  Just bear with me and help me out if you can.  I think you’re going to enjoy seeing the projects you can make!


  1. love frappuccino………have many bottles, just ran out of ideas…LOL

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