Fun Swirly Scribbles Card

Fun Swirly Scribbles Card

I thought you might enjoy a fun card using the Swirly Scribbles dies today.  It’s simple but cute for a child’s card.Mickey cardA quick change of the bow can easily change this to Minnie, just move the bow up between the ears and you’re good to go!   The bow was made with the Bow Builder die.

Fun times!


  1. The “Fun Swirly Scribbles Card ” is such a great fun idea Becky. I just love all the things that you are doing with the Swirly Squibbles. Thank you for sharing with everyone such fun and happy ideas.

  2. That is so cute! A child’s birthday card or an adults!! Did you use the bottle glue with the pinny thing that sticks down inside to hold down the squiggles? Onto the list that goes!

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