Gifts Hidden in the Tree

Gifts Hidden in the Tree

Do you ever “hide” gifts on the Christmas tree?  We purchased tickets for several little outings at the Silent Auction our school held in November.  Those little outings will happen throughout the year, but the boys got to find out about them on Christmas.

I sat down to come up with some quick, but cute, ways to hang them on the tree.

Handmade ticket holder

Ethan received tickets for him and Daddy to take a train ride sometime this year!

Christmas ornament for tickets

Here is a little holder made with Mossy Meadow and Whisper White which held some tickets for the whole family to go on an outing.

FamilyThis one was super to easy to make.  The tickets were exactly 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ in size . . . so I just decorated an envelope!  Very little measuring needed for this little holder!

Gift Card Holder OrnamentEach of the boys received a gift card to use for a little treat sometime so they each had one of these hanging on the tree (but with different initials of course!)

Apparently that is all I took pictures of, although I know there was at least on other design.

There’s a little peek at our Christmas and how I use Stampin’ Up! in “normal” life.  It’s great to have supplies on hand that I can use whenever needed!  When Andrew is trying to figure out what to do with things like tickets I love being able to say, I’ll take care of those and give them some cute packaging!

Thank you for coming by to visit today!  I’m sure you’ll be seeing pictures on scrapbook pages once we go on some of these outings!


  1. Today’s share, “Gifts Hidden in the Tree”, brought back many memories. My Mom would always set the tree up a week before Christmas and put plenty of water in the stand. I just love the smell of a fresh cut tree. We especially loved the “LITTLE PRESENTS HIDDEN IN THE TREE”. Your tree is so beautiful and I know the boys loved hunting for the tree gifts. Thank you for working so hard all year to make everyone happy here, especially those who are to far away to visit your home and studio. have a great day 🙂

  2. Love, love, love this idea!! A KEEPER FOR NEXT YEAR, FOR SURE!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-))

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