Giving Handmade Gifts

Giving Handmade Gifts

You know, one thing I love about creating is the giving.  Last Sunday morning I woke up suddenly remembering I had been asked to provide some handmade cards to go in a larger gift for someone.  Oops!  Hate forgetting!  However, cards are not a problem!

I quickly gathered together 15 handmade cards with envelopes and tied them together with some retired ribbon.  Cards and ribbon are two things I have in abundance around here!  They were lacking something though.  A tag, the bundle could use a tag!  Hmm, not enough time to make one (these were my thoughts), oh wait, I have lots of handmade tags around here too!  Yay!Handmade gift

Perfect!  Stampin’ Up! and handmade goodies came to my rescue again!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. “Giving Handmade Gifts” is a great idea. Having some items made ahead of time saves on stress too. Thank you for the lovely creation and your thoughts. We all appreciate everything you do. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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