God's Beauty Butterfly Pin

Ballet Blue ButterflyThis pretty little butterfly isn’t finished yet but I wanted you to see what I was working on today.  (This is the same butterfly just pictures from different angles.)  I am making a butterfly pin using the butterfly stamp from the God’s Beauty stamp set.  I love this stamp with all it’s detail!

This was my very first attempt Handmade Butterfly Pinat making one of these pins so I’m certainly not going to claim to be an expert!  It’s going to take me a few more tries before I learn to shape the butterfly just the right way so it looks more realistic.  It was fun though and I thought you might like to see. 

Someday when I get one of these just right and totally finished I’ll show it to you.  It may take a while until I get to it though with several events that are coming up this month in Red Lion, New Freedom, and Stewartstown PA as well as Baltimore, MD.

A couple of my stampers, Nancy and Sandra, are recovering from surgeries right now.  I would appreciate if you would keep them in your prayers.  Both are having a lot of pain.   No doubt they would love to stamping with us right now if they could!


  1. Well your first attempt came out great. I haven’t taken pictures of mine yet…but was going to do that today. I added rindstones down the middle of his body for some bling.

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