Handmade Valentine Gift for the Guys

Handmade Valentine Gift for the Guys

As I tried to decide what project to do for the Valentine Gift class, I found myself wanting to do something a little more masculine than we sometimes do.  Something that a guy might really enjoy using rather than just a picture frame to set around.

I came across some Tin Plagues and they spurred the creativity.  I showed my half-finished project in class the other night and everyone in class signed up to make one!  I’d say it must be a success.

Now I can show you the finished project!

The really great thing about this project is that every one is going to turn out different!  You get the choose the papers and colors you want to use which really gives a lot of diversity.  On this little plague we have a notepad, 2 magnets, two magnetic containers to hold little gadgets, a line with three clothespins to hold notes/receipts/pictures/whatever, and a pen or pencil.  We are also making a matching card to give along with this.

Check out some variations that were made in class yesterday.

It’s so fun to see how different each looks.

I know there isn’t a lot of time left before Valentine’s Day, so don’t limit yourself.  Nothing about this project says it has to be only for Valentine’s Day.  Think birthday, Father’s Day, or just an “I love you” gift to cheer up any old day.  I know several are thinking ahead Father’s Day.

Would you like to make one as well?  We can extend dates for this class so just contact me to RSVP and we will find a date that works for both of us.

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  1. Great idea and very nicely done Becky. Thank you for sharing “Handmade Valentine Gift for the Guys”, thank you for sharing.

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