Hatching Day Scrapbook Layout

Hatching Day Scrapbook Layout

Some of you may remember the incubator and eggs we had here in the studio back in August/September.  It was so much fun to watch and wait, keeping track of the eggs and then seeing the chicks that hatched!

I made a scrapbook layout from hatching day!  Two of my boys woke really early that morning and took care of some baby chicks, moving them to the incubator before my husband or I was awake.  Hatching Day scrapbook layout

I did get to snap pictures of this little guy fresh out of his egg, and then of Jaan moving him to the incubator!

Baby Chicks scrapbooking

This was such a fun experience for all of us!

scrapbooking in southern pa

One of these days I will get a page made with pictures of the chicks once they were all dry and fluffy.  They were so cute!

Thank you to one of our long-time scrap club members for letting us borrow the eggs and incubator!  The chickens are now living at her house.

We will be making this layout at Scrap Club on Monday!  With the paisleys in the background, and the Crushed Curry color, I think this layout will work for many fall themed pictures or other events throughout the year.

Thank you for coming by to visit!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the photo’s you put in the “Hatching Day Scrapbook Layout “, it brings back memories from when I was growing up and my Mom showed me and my siblings how to hatch out the eggs . Thanks for sharing and the memories.

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