HersheyPark Happy Scrapbook Layout

HersheyPark Happy Scrapbook Layout

This summer we took the boys to HersheyPark for the first time (well, Micah did go when he was a baby but it’s not like he would remember it or had a clue what was going on then. . . )  Needless to say, it was a fun day for the boys!

The boys all have different ideas of “fun” when we’re at a park like that, so I pretty much spent my day with Ethan and pretty much only have pictures of him.

We had some fun getting our pictures taken with some of the candy characters.

I’ll have to do another layout with the pictures I took of him on some of the rides.  I have to be pretty picky about which rides I get on, but Ethan loves anything that goes in circles!

This is the third layout we will be making in Scrap Club this month.  Although I used HersheyPark colors, this layout will work beautifully for other pictures as well.  It’s perfect for fall (think leaves, pumpkin picking, colorful trees, thanksgiving, . . . )!  If club members would prefer, I’d be willing to switch out the brown for black as well and you could go with an Orioles theme for your pages.  I’ll just wait to cut the brown until I see you in class and you can let me know you’d prefer black.

Thank you for coming by to visit today!


  1. It sure looks like everyone had fun on their Family Outing. Thank you for sharing with all of us who couldn’t be there with you. The photos are great and the arrangement of them is perfect. I love the colors you used for the backgrounds. The “HersheyPark Happy Scrapbook Layout” would have been a favorite place for me because Hershey is my favorite chocolate. Have a great weekend. (:

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