High Point Camp Scrapbook Pages

High Point Camp Scrapbook Pages

Some days I wish I did my scrapbooking chronologically . . . but I’m afraid that’s just not me.  I get an idea and I want to go with it, no matter which pictures work on it.   So, with this page I jump away from Disney and back to camp.Scrapbooking Camp Pictures

Our boys love High Point Camp!  They always have such a great time.  This year I was excited that the camp took pictures during the week and offered a way to print the pictures.  Finally I can document their special week even though I’m not there to take pictures!

Camp Scrapbook Pages

Last year Micah had the privilege to attend two different weeks of camp, one for Jr. Camp and one for Teen Camp.  I love this glimpse into his time there!


We will be making this layout for Scrap Club this month!  This layout can be use for so many different pictures.  I think it works especially well for outdoor pictures.

If you are interested in joining us for Scrap Club this month, contact me and I will give you all the information!

Now, what pictures should a put on the next layout??


  1. Thank you for sharing the “High Point Camp Scrapbook Pages” with everyone today. Micah sure is getting tall. They grow up so fast. As usual Becky, you did a wonderful job chasing the colors to use with these photos. When your children get grown and married, they will be so thankful of all the photos and scrapbooking pages that you made for each one of them. Have a great day Becky and enjoy your weekend.

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