Hollywood Studios Lightsaber Page

Hollywood Studios Lightsaber Page

When we were in Disney we tried to take advantage of the professional photographers they had available to take pictures (after all, we paid for the package!)  I really like the pictures the one photographer took of Jaan and Ethan at Hollywood Studios!The only sad thing for the boys is that they were only borrowing the lightsabers the photographer had, they didn’t actually get any of their own.

I showed this layout to the boys once I completed it, and what did I hear?  “I wish I had my own lightsaber.”  Oh my.  I’ll take it the layout was okay, it reminded them of the fun they had at Disney!

We will be making this layout in Scrap Club this month.  If you don’t have Hollywood Studios pictures, no worries!  This layout is great for so many pictures!  Think of special occasions dressy occasions (wedding, prom, Homecoming) or go for pictures of gymnastics, ballet, theater, or winning baseball championships.  They possibilities are endless, just use your imagination!

I look forward to seeing the pictures chosen by those in Scrap Club!

This is the last of three blog posts I have posted today.  Be sure to page back and see the other two layouts I have posted!


  1. Thank you for sharing the “Hollywood Studios Lightsaber Page ” with everyone. It is always nice to see pictures of your family having fun. The photos are great as well as the way you have them displayed. The colors are fabulous. Have a great day.

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