Jenga Craze Scrapbook Page

Jenga Craze Scrapbook Page

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen pictures (and more pictures) of my boys and their Jenga creations!  Once in a great while we play a “real” game of Jenga, but more often than not, the blocks are used for building very intricate buildings.  (Yes, we have just a few sets of the game – 10 to be exact!)  I wanted to capture some of those special times on a scrapbook page!

I’m afraid I am not one of the wonderful Jenga creators of the household but I did my best trying to build a tower out of paper blocks.  Can you tell that’s what it’s supposed to be?  My husband caught on right away, it took the boys a little longer to figure it out.

This really is only a few of their creations!  I could probably do a whole scrapbook on just this subject if I thought to pull the camera out for each creation they make!

As I was making the page, I thought this same layout idea could easily be used to record memories of playing the Angry Birds game, building a new house, visiting a construction site or lumber yard and so on.  It really is a simple layout but puts lots of emphasis on the pictures!

Scrap Club members, do you think you would have pictures to use on a page like this?  I haven’t made up my mind about whether to do this layout for scrap club so why don’t you give me your feedback?

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  1. I love this layout! I think it would be a great one for pictures of when my brother’s house was built, or our garage. It would even be fun to use if people took their kids to the playground, anything really! I like the way the ‘jenga’ pieces frame your pictures. If someone didn’t have pics like that, it would look like a regular frame 🙂

  2. Wonderful creations and the pictures are perfect too.

  3. Imaginative and creative layout – and I love all the boys’ structures!

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