Kindergarten Scrapbook Page & Graduation

Dahlia Fold Scrapbook Page

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been working on a “secret project.”  I was in the midst of making two scrapbooks, one for Micah’s Kindergarten teacher and one of the teacher’s aid to be presented at graduation last evening.  I had some help but still a lot of it was my ball game and took several hours of work.  I didn’t take picture of all of the pages, many of them were layouts you’ve seen before, just with different pictures.

This particular page that I’ve posted here was the last page in one of the books.  I made this page up a long time ago with the dahlia fold flowers.  Since the page hadn’t sold and I was in need . . . .  I thought perhaps you would like to see it.

Being that proud momma that I am, can I share just one graduation picture???

Congratulations Micah!  Do you see how tall he is?  Yikes!  I’m going to be one short momma before too long!  It was so very hot in the gymnasium where we had the graduation.  There was no air conditioning and I’m sure my little guy was just roasting in his cap and gown!

Thank you for stopping by!  Don’t forget to check back later for my 10 minute challenge!


  1. Awww– Micah looks terrific in his cap & gown!! Congrats to him and Mom too! 🙂 As a previous teacher, getting a handmade scrapbook of pictures of my students (especially Kindergarten because they grow so much throughout that year) would be terrific. Lovely!

  2. They grow up too fast. Great page, love the flowers. Nancy

  3. Awwwwwwwww!!! His first cap and gown ceremony, enjoy them all!!

  4. I can’t tell who’s prouder of the moment – Micah, or Mom! I remember how awesome it was to see a child in his regalia, striding down the aisle, tassel flying, gown flowing. I hope you made yourself a copy of the scrapbook as you were making the gift ones. Lovely job, as usual.

  5. Very cool–I love the sneakers below the gown, too! 😉
    Congratulations, Micah!

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