Lake Redman Scrapbook Pages

Lake Redman Scrapbook Pages

Our school held an end-of-year school picnic last summer for school families.  The picnic was held at Lake Redman and Micah had the chance to kayak for the first time in a friend’s kayak!  He didn’t go real far, seeing as Mom was on shore reminding him not to, but he enjoyed the time he got and of course I snapped a few pictures!

Lake Redman Scrapbook Page

I thought this event was worth of a nice, bright layout!

Bright scrapbook layout

Actually, as with most of my scrapbook layouts, I created the layout first and then picked out pictures for on it.  I guess maybe I do that backwards from some people, but that’s what seems to work best for me.

Stars Scrapbook Layout

We will be making this layout on Monday September 21 in Scrap Club!  If you are interested in joining the Scrapbooking Club, please contact me for more information.  We would love to have you!


  1. As always Becky, I do enjoy all of your “Lake Redman Scrapbook Pages” that you share with everyone. The pictures turned out great and I can see that Micah had a great time kayaking. Your choice of colors that you chose for the pages are perfect. I always enjoy your Scrap booking. Thanks for creating such bright and colorful pages. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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