Learning the watercolor reinker technique

Floating Reinker TechniqueThis is another card we will be making at the Summer Flowers class tonight in New Freedom.  These specially watercolored roses are a big hit right now and I can’t wait to share the special watercolor reinker technique tonight! 

I did not come up with this card idea.  I have Lee Conrey to thank for it, she was thrilled that we would take her idea and use it tonight in our class.

I hope you will decide to join us for one or more of my upcoming classes.  Here is a link to my upcoming stamping events in southern PA.  I offer a lot of variety in my classes so there is probably something listed that will interest you!


  1. Now those are my colors! Very pretty Becky! I haven’t tried that tecnique yet, but I will soon. I’d like to try it on something different than what everyone else is doing……

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