Magical 2016 Scrapbook Layout

Magical 2016 Scrapbook Layout

I like how all the cast (workers) at Disney World tell you to have a “Magical Day”.  It’s fun!  So, here is our Magical scrapbook layout.Magical Scrapbook layout

These pictures were taken at Animal Kingdom on our trip to Disney last month.

Christmas Scrapbook layout

This is a nice Christmas layout that will work for any Christmas pictures you might have, Disney related or not.

Traditional Scrapbooking

That would be Chip and Dale in their Christmas hats and scarves.  If you meet them, be sure to ask which one is number one!  You’ll get quite the fun reaction from them!  (You’ll get an even bigger reaction if you say something to Donald Duck about Mickey being #1 though!  Ask me about Donald’s reaction the next time you are in class.)

Scrap Club members will be making this layout on January 16!


  1. Thank you for sharing “Magical 2016 Scrapbook Layout “, I always look forward to the Scrapbook layouts. What a wonderful job you did putting this together.

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