March 2011 Scrap Club Scrapbook Layouts

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Pages

I’m excited to share all three layouts the Scrapbooking Club of Stewartstown, PA will be making this coming Monday!  This particular layout is made up of various pictures taken in the hospital in the day or two following Jaan’s birth.

Left-hand Page

Here’s a close up of the left-hand page of the layout.  Don’t you just love the little dresser in the bottom corner?  Those attending that Brides & Babies class last this month will probably be seeing that again on a card!  I just think it’s so cute!

Right-hand page

And here is the right-hand page.  The top middle is supposed to look like a baby blanket, pictures just don’t do the pages justice!

I love my Doggy!

My youngest loves his stuffed dog that he received for his birthday.  It only seemed right to scrapbook them together.  I took these pictures one time when Ethan was sound asleep, I used a flash right in his face (multiple times) and he never stirred.  Don’t you wish you could sleep like that?

Left-hand page

If you look very closely, you may be able to see that I stamped all over the Real Red cardstock with 3 different stamps from the D is for Dog stamp set.  I stamped them in Real Red so they’re just lightly there, giving a faint doggy feel but not overwhelming.

Right-hand page

This is a really simple layout, way more so than the first!  By keeping it simple, it really is easier to focus on the pictures I think.

Preparing for the Awana Grand Prix

And here is the third and final layout we will be making this month.  These pictures are of Micah as he painted his car last spring for the Awana Grand Prix at Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church, our church.  Unfortunately my battery died on my camera before I could take any pictures of Jaan working on his car.

Even as I type this, Grandpa has the blocks of wood to cut out their cars for this year’s race.    We’ll soon be getting to work with the sanding, masking and painting again!   This year all three boys will be participating, should be fun!

Left-hand page

I should mention that Micah is my big birthday boy this weekend, he turns 7 tomorrow!

Once again we have a fairly easy layout, this time with some very pretty spring colors – Concord Crush, Blushing Bride and Pear Pizzazz!

Right-hand page

I look forward to Scrap Club Monday evening!  We always have so much fun chatting as we put our pages together and it’s always exciting to see finished pages that have pictures in them.  It’s amazing how different each set of pages can look when different people pick different pictures for on them, making them their own!

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to Chelly’s party tonight and Minna’s party tomorrow afternoon!  They’re both right here in Stewartstown this weekend, within walking distance of my house even!  (No, I’m not going to walk, not with all the fun stamping projects I want to share!)  Thank you Chelly and Minna for hosting Stampin’ Up! parties!


  1. This are terrific pages, Becky! I love the use of different colors and textures. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MICAH!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, Micah! I like all your pages, Becky. I should just give you all my pictures and let you scrapbook them! 🙂

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