Missouri, Alabama and Alaska

lollipop treatI like to see where people are visiting my site from.  I see I’ve even had visits from Europe, Asia and Australia.  How fun!  Unfortunately, I have yet to have anyone visit from Missouri, Alabama and Alaska.  Do you know anyone in one of those states?  I would love for you to share my website with them so I can see all 50 states colored green on the analytics map! 

The assortment of taffeta ribbon swap seems to be well like.  If you are interested in participating and have not yet contacted me, please do so by Wednesday, Feb. 11.  I will be placing the order after that time.  My husband has not had a chance to put up my contact page so feel free to leave a comment if you wish and you can include your email address in the comment – I will erase the address so it is not posted to the site.

 I thought you might like to see this cute valentine treat.  There is actually a tootsie pop lollipop being used here.  The candy is down inside the “flower bog” and the stick makes the stem for the flower.  Attach a flower and tie a birron and there you have it!  The “pot” is made of designer series paper and held together with a brad on each side.

What a cute idea to set on a coworkers desk or for a little girl to give to her friends for Valentines Day!

I recieved a new stamp set from an upline member today so I think I’m going to head downstairs to do some stamping sometime today!  I’ll be sharing  again soon!


  1. I’m from Alabama! =)

  2. I’m from Missouri…. absolutely LOVE Stampin Up…. and love your site too!

  3. I am from Missouri and enjoy your site. I love the stampin up products for the cards that I make. Thanks for sharing your site.

  4. You can now cross Alaska off your list! Great site. Will definitely be visiting it more.

  5. I was looking for other stampers from Alabama and found this link. Color me green!!

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