Money banks for my sons

Oval All stamp setI spent some time this afternoon working on some little banks for my sons.  We are trying to teach the boys to put some money in the bank, give some to Jesus and have some to spend for themselves.   To do that, they each (well, the older two) needed 2 extra banks.  They have one for saving already so they needed something to keep their tithe in and a Take Nine Specialty Designer Paperspecial place to keep their “spending” money.

Now, for those of you who might be wondering what  a 3 and 5 year old are doing with spending money, Mommy and Daddy are setting up a store where the boys can spend their money.  They are being awarded with pennies at various times for extra good behavior and helpfulness and then they will be allowed to “spend” the money on special toys we have picked out for them Curly Lable Punch(in other words, something a little better than the toys that break 5 minutes after paying for them.)

Okay, back to the creative part.  I recently picked up a whole box full of tins with lids at a yard sale.  I used Designer Paper to cover the sides of the bottom of the tins.  If found the lids to be a bit difficult to cover due to their funny shape, so I used cardstock/specialty DSP to make my own lids and used the Bella Birds DSP and Top NoteWord Window Punch to punch the money slot.  You will notice on each of the banks there is ribbon, sometimes in a bow and sometimes not.  The purpose of the ribbon is to hold the lid in place with the boys pick them up, however, the ribbon can be easily slipped off when we want to open the box.

The first two banks  I showed you, using the Take Nine DSP are my favorites.  The specialty paper is cardstock weight and so it was heavy enough to make the lid out of.  I really like the look and the cardstock even has a special feel to it.  In the last picture you can see that I cut out a Top Note and put that on top of the lid.  That was the first box I made and although, I liked the effect, I decided against doing that for all of the banks, I wanted to give each one it’s own look.

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