More San Diego Trip Pictures

More San Diego Trip Pictures

I’m back in business with my computer now!  It’s time to share a few more pictures from the Stampin’ Up! San Diego trip.

Flying in the westThe closer we flew to San Diego, the fewer clouds there were.  We were able to see so much landscape from the plane!  God’s creation is just amazing!  I’ve never been that far west before and the sights from the window were just amazing to me!  While there in San Diego, we learned that it is really all desert.  All the trees that are in San Diego were brought in from places around the world and planted (we learned a lot more to the history but I’ll give you the short version!)  We saw a fig tree from Australia and trees from so many other places.

US Grant HotelHere is a picture of the outside of the US Grant Hotel where we stayed, compliments of Stampin’ Up!  The gold you see on the building is real gold!

US Grant Hotel at night

And here is glimpse of what the hotel looks like at night.  You have to be there to really see it all and catch the full effect.  Beautiful!

pacific ocean

Of course we couldn’t go all the way to California and not catch a glimpse of the Pacific!  That was a first for both of us.

San Diego

Here I am, sitting on the rocks by the beach. . .

toes in the paciic. . .but proof that there was a beach, and I really did get my toes in the Pacific.

I have so many pictures . . . I just might to share some more another day.  We’ll see, I’m sure you’ll see Scrapbook pages if nothing else!

Thank you for stopping by today, hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!



  1. So enjoying your pictures of your SU trip! I cannot wait to see what you create with them! You work so hard at your job and its fantastic that SU recognizes hard work and rewards with things such as your trip! Glad you and the hubby were able to enjoy! 🙂

  2. They say “seeing is believing”, and I believe!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful sights that some can only dream about. I am happy for you Becky, you really worked hard for this trip and all who are not mentioned, thank you too. Have a good day everyone.

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