More Snowy Scrapbook Pages

More Snowy Scrapbook Pages

As promised, I have the second Scrap Club layout to share with you.  These are the layouts we will be making in Scrap Club this coming Monday, February 15.

We had another Snow Day home from school yesterday but unfortunately I did not get a whole lot done in the studio other than finishing up Valentines for my coworkers.  I will share those with you soon.  The laundry seemed to overwhelm a large portion of my day!

Hopefully I can design the 3rd layout today!2 Page Scrapbook Layout

This is a pretty simple layout with some extra pretty embellishments!  In case you are wondering, yes, I do realize the two pieces of paper I used are different shades.  I noticed while I was making it but didn’t really care, sometimes that difference can be nice.  Those attending class will have matching pieces.

Scrapbook page

It’s so much lovelier in person than it appears in the pictures.

Scrapbook class - New Freedom, PA

I’m looking forward to class on Monday.  If you would like to join us, please contact me!


  1. I think that the two shades of paper make the “More Snowy Scrapbook Pages” rather unique and sometimes different is better. By having the two shades of paper together makes one take a better look at what you are doing. I think it’s great Becky. Thank you for sharing the children’s snow day and how you created beautiful scrap book pages. Have a great day. 🙂

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