My Digital Studio Christmas Card

MDS Christmas CardI created this pretty card on My Digital Studio today.  What do you think?  It’s a clean and simple design.  Honestly, this a partially pre-designed card to which I made a couple adjustments.  It takes no time at all to create a card digitally.

One of the nice things about My Digital Studio is that even if you don’t want to print items, you can design them on the computer program just the way you like them and then turn around and take the design you like and do the papercrafting yourself.  I like this card I made but honestly I have no intention of printing it.  Instead, I’m going to take this idea and create my own handstamped card from it.  With the design already set up, I won’t need to dig out a bunch of tools and pieces of cardstock that will just clutter my desk.  Instead, I know exactly what I need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this card.  I look forward to stamping with many of you at PMS night tomorrow!


  1. Very pretty design. I like that it is simple yet very nicely done. I really do need to get the Digital Studio.

  2. The card is beautiful, but I like you love the papercrafted version. I love the texture layers of paper add to a card or scrapbook page. What a good tool to use in design though! Thanks for the idea.

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