New Mint Macaron Lace

New Mint Macaron Lace

Do you like the new Mint Macaron color?  It’s such a quiet, peaceful color in my opinion.  I especially like the new lace trim in this color!Mint Macaron LaceHere I’ve used it on this small cafe bag which we are decorating for the Gift Card Holder class.  Isn’t it lovely?  I think it would be lovely a wedding or shower invitations/decorations!  Of course we have the lace in 4 other colors as well, I just happen to especially like the Mint Macaron.

I’m so glad you came by to visit today!


  1. I do indeed love the “New Mint Macaron Lace” and it does look so inviting on the cafe bag. Thank you for sharing the new color lace with us today. Have a super Monday! 🙂

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