Northern Flurry Christmas Card

Peace on Earth Christmas Card

During card class last evening I had a few minutes to just sit down at my desk and relax.  As I sat there I saw a piece of Early Espresso cardstock lying there, folded like a card and embossed with the Northern Flurry embossing folder.  I previously set it to the side because the embossing went the wrong way or some such detail.

Lying on there were also some basic pearls (along with lots of other “stuff”) so grabbed them up and started sticking.  Do you like what I came up with?

Four the Holidays stamp set

“Peace on Earth” is from the Four the Holidays stamp set and I embossed it in white.  This makes a lovely one layer card!  It does take a few pearls . . . but for someone special, it’s worth it!

An update from yesterday, my four-year-old is buying the “tooth fairy stopped in mom’s craft room” bit but I’m not totally sure about the six-year-old.  Jaan woke me up to tell me the tooth fairy had been in my office but Micah proclaimed I made it, later to say maybe the tooth fairy did.  Who knows!  I did think it pretty funny that Jaan still can’t decide if the tooth fairy is a guy or girl, despite the picture of the girl tooth fairy in the stamp.

Thank you for stopping by to visit today!  I hope you can find some time to stamp!


  1. This is a gorgeous card – seeing it being made was a special treat! Glad to hear the boys realize the Tooth Fairy (he or she) is a good crafter! 🙂

  2. This is lovely – the color, the pearls, the simplicity, and the embossing. Understated and elegant.

  3. beautiful!!! have a great friday!! see you monday becky!

  4. Absolutely stunning! I love this card.

  5. Love your card. Sometimes when you leave a card and don’t like how it looks and then come back you see the beauty of the card and do something beautiful with it.

  6. Absolutely love this card! May have to talk to you about a comission for next year…just have to remember which card it was. 🙂

  7. “commission”

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