One of my favorite stamp sets is about to retire

Heartfelt Thanks stamp setHeartfelt Thanks is one of my all time favorite stamp sets!  I love two-step stamping and this set has been wonderful!  There have been people who’ve wondered in the past if I could do a single event without including this stamp set.  Yes, but . . . .

I made this simple scrapbook page a long time ago but I wanted to post it here on my blog for everyone to see.  Sometimes it’s nice to see a page that can be done with just one stamp set on hand.

I may pull this stamp set out and play with it a bit this week so you’re liable to see these flowers again soon!  I hope you’ ve had a  wonderful weekend!


  1. You can ??? Really???? We’re about to find out huh? Just kidding Becky! You can do any occasion at all with that set and I’m sad to see it go.

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