Oriental Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages

Oriental Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages

Oriental Thanksgiving, that sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it?  Some of my family celebrated Thanksgiving early in November, and instead of cooking, we went to an oriental buffet.  Thus, the Oriental Thanksgiving!

Oriental scrapbook layout

You can’t tell in the pictures, but I used a gold ink to stamp on the yellow to give it a little more of an oriental flair.


Of course the highlight of eating an an oriental restaurant is the fortune cookies, right?

Envelope Maker

I used the envelope maker to make a little envelope which is holding all of our “fortunes”.

Not everyone may have “fortunes” to scrapbook but this page can easily be adapted for an event where you had tickets that can be stored in the envelope or other little memories.  It doesn’t have to be oriental!

Thank you for visiting!  I look forward to Scrap Club on Monday!

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