Paper Piecing with My Paper Pumpkin

Paper Piecing with My Paper Pumpkin

Some people enjoy getting the My Paper Pumpkin kits so they have something already planned and ready to assemble.  Others enjoy getting it and then seeing how they can use the pieces to come up with something new.  The choice is totally up to the kit recipient!

Personally, I’m always coming up with projects, so sometimes I enjoy just sitting down with the MPP kit and doing just what it says (and other times I tend to stay fairly close but make small adjustments.)My Paper Pumpkin cards

These are some cards I made from one of the kits, and I totally did what they pictured.  How nice to put together the paper pieces without having to overthink where each color should be, make sure I didn’t do a color pattern unknowingly  . . .

For me, MPP often allows me to multi-task, working on the project while the watching the boys swim in the pool or while helping others with their creativity or while watching a movie.  I’m a big fan of multi-tasking!

My Paper Pumpkin kits

If you would like to give the My Paper Pumpkin kit a try, sign up at and you an try two months at 1/2 price!   Don’t forget to list me, Rebekah Jensen, as your demonstrator!

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  1. I think you did a super job creating the “Paper Piecing with My Paper Pumpkin” . I love the shapes and all the different colors in this kit. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day.

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